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The haps - July 23rd 2014

Well it's been a couple months since i've updated, but it doesn't mean I've been dormant!  Lots of things to report:

  1. I've finally got a save system i can be proud of.  Amazingly, throughout the 3 year history of this game, this has been the biggest issue.  One of the big problems with Unity is that there's no special function to find all gameobjects in a scene, specifically disabled ones.  So, if you save after you've killed someone, and their GO has been disabled, how do you poll them for info? The solution was that i created a "SaveGame Master" that grabs all savable objects before the scene begins, and then i can accurately communicate with every object in the game.  This actually turned out to be WAY easier than the way i was doing before.  So much so i'm angry at myself for not thinking it all through, but whatever
  2. Speaking of new save systems, I've updated the Google Version to accomodate this new feature.  It runs super fast and smooth now. 
  3. I've changed all the cameras in all versions to have a wider Field of View.  This makes the game look closer to a 2D game, but still keeps depth.  Makes it much easier to take in the scene and play the game.
  4. We've been working super hard on the Windows 8 / Xbox 360 version.  This required a hell of a lot of rewrite, and also some unity updates.  But I'm excited to announce that the hard part is over.  The game is working on these platforms, so now it's just a matter of cleaning it all up and launching it.
  5. The Amazon Fire version will launch next week most likely.  Finally got that working.
  6. Still unsure as to wether or not i will launch on Blackberry, but i'm leaning to yes.


New Screenshots

I'm really excited to announce that we've got some new screenshots up and I can get into more details about what is happening with the game:
1. I switched the view from Ortho back to Perspective, but with the twist that it has a shallower Depth of Field.  This gives the look that you can see the game board, but still keeps a touch of perspective and vanishing points
2. I'm really excited about where we're headed with the lighting.  The green ooze levels in particular shine bright and reflect well with the bloom post processing we're doing
3. Particle effects will effect the scene dynamically.  For example when Roy casts a shield, the scene will light up blue
4. All the levels have been updated to house the new HD models



Vote Dungeon Crawlers in on Steam

If you have a registered account on Steam, please vote this up on Project Greenlight


OUYA Out & nVidia Shield versions out

This past friday saw the 1.35.4 Version of DC released to OUYA, and 1.35.7 version of DC released to Android, which included IAP support and Gamecontroller Support (inlcuding the nVidia Shield).

There are a few bugs I need to get to, which I will.  After that we're onto Blackberry and FireTV.  Blackberry is tested and working great, but I need Ayopa to get through the vendor process before we can launch on the platform.

I really want to work on the Windows 8 versions, but right now I have some problems with EZ GUI and I'm waiting to know what to do about it.

Stay tuned for more updates!


Other releases, Fire TV, nVidia Shield, etc.


You know what? I thought porting would be the bane of my existence, but as each subsequent build goes out, I feel renewed vigor.  The idea that new platforms come out, and within a day or two I can submit my game to a new audience is an awesome thought to me.  That leads us to the Shield and Fire TV.

The good news is I reached out to the good folks at nVidia, and they reached back.  I've already added Shield controller support, so the next android version that goes out (1.3) will support the shield, and with a little luck, I'll get some good placement in the TegraZone and Shield Store.

I just submitted the latest OUYA build.  With any luck, it launches today.

Next up:

  • nVidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Blackberry