Dungeon Crawlers

Genre: Turn-Based Tactical RPG
Release Date: April 9th (iOS), May (Android), June 1st (Steam)
You'll like this game if you like: Final Fantasy Tactics, Hero Quest & other board games, X-Com

SynopsisDungeon Crawlers is a game designed to explore the fun and funny concept of what "Ghostbusters" might've looked like if it were set in a dungeon.  It's a turn-based strategy game that is easily accessible.  Don't expect to dive too deep into statistics and weapons types here.  The interface is highly streamlined.  This game is all about launching and playing, but still being demanding and challenging to even the most seasoned of turn-based vets.

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  • Affecting the SD build ONLY on iOS: Chapter 5-1 causes a hang after you free the DungeonBum.  Your saves will not be affected, and this error will be remedied in 2.0.5
  • Affecting the SD build ONLY on iOS: Arena mode is broken.  Addressed in 2.0.5

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Launched: January, 2012

(What's Dungeon Crawlers? Click Here)

Dungeon Crawlers HD

Out NOW on iOS
Android Launch: May 14th
Steam: June 1st

(What's Dungeon Crawlers? Click Here)