I love VR. I hate VR.

Man, sometimes things just aren't worth it.

For the most part, the VR transition has been pretty seamless.  I'd like to think the overall experience of Dungeon Crawlers in a VR headset is positive.  My favorite VR experience so far has been "Legend of Dungeon".  But I'm definitely running into problems that I couldn't have anticipated.

The main issue is the UI.  I have a hard time explaining exactly what the problem is, but essentially, the healthbars don't sit in real space.  What I do is grab the location in world coordinates of the objects that need healthbars, then translate their location to screen space based on the main camera.  This calculation takes a massive nosedive when you use VR, because there are 2 cameras in the scene, and because you can't overlay 'screenspace' UI overlays in oculus rift.

Then this gets even weirder - the "screenspace overlay" setting in Unity's 4.6 UI actually DOES work on Oculus, except it's upside down and backwards.  So in some weird way, it's supported, they just need to fix it.  But GOD FORBID that someone on the oculus team actually address my question on the forums....

So, probably, the game will ship with VR support, and no healthbars ;-)