Underwhelming launch, but that's ok

As I march closer to the day, and it is coming soon, when i finally say goodbye to this game, I realize I made a lot of mistakes, and that means the future is bright, because I'm really excited about fixing those mistakes, and working on the next thing.

The facts are, I made this game to be tactics lite, and that was the biggest mistake of all.  Really there is no market for a title like this.  I think a lot of the core elements are there, and with some work, will be really pronounced.  For example I can lay traps in the level creator, but characters cannot lay traps.  etc etc etc, there's a million tiny things i'm going to add and fix.

But hey, it's also not over for this title.  Gonna keep making fixes, launch on some more platforms, then one day you'll see a post on this page that's titled: "Sayonara, Dungeon Crawlers."