Update September 2015

Man, it's been awhile huh?  One of those things, you keep meaning to update but never do.  Lots of fun stuff to announce:

  • The engine since announcing in July that it was converted to C#, is coming along nicely.  Height support and general combat is in.  Because I'm using a new pathfinding system, and im trying to make things more elegeant, new problems need to be solved.  For example, sometimes an archer's path can be blocked (Say he has height advantage on top of a platform, but cant reach an enemy) but is still in range for a shot.  Things like this.  That's actually a trivial example as i think about it but you get the drift
  • Dungeon Crawlers HD now supports Linux! Get it on Steam
  • The original DC Engine will be made available on the Unity Asset Store soon.  I keep running into some bugs though.