All that is old is new again

Introducing Castle Kong. Drowning Monkeys homage to the greatest game ever made: Galaga.

And like Galaga (Ok I really mean Donkey Kong, you get it), this game is all about one simple goal: The high score.

This game is not for the faint of heart. Prepare to die, a lot. Only 40 people have ever scored 1,000,000+ points on Donkey Kong. This won’t be any easier.

The game is designed to mimic much of what makes DK great:

  • Hard But Fair

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Point Pressing

  • 1 coin - 3 lives (+1 bonus)

  • 22 levels consisting of 4 unique stages

  • And if anyone is interested, there’s a kill screen coming up…

But we’ve also added some improvements for the 21st century:

  • Widescreen (16:9) mode, or classic Arcade vertical mode

  • Highscore system with replay, so you can learn from the best how to get past the tricky parts

  • After years of coding, we made it so you can climb the ladders with your weapon now.

The Story Thus Far…

CK -characters 640x640-07.png
CK -characters 640x640-02.png

PrincessGirl is outside one day picking flowers, thinking of her beloved PauperBoy, who will arrive shortly with a picnic basket when suddenly, BaronMan appears from seemingly out of nowhere and captures her! You play as PauperBoy. Save PrincessGirl!

The Stages


STAGE 1: The Castle Wall

BaronMan has captured PrincessGirl and now holds her atop the castle wall. You must scale the wall and save her!

STAGE 2: The Courtyard

As you approach the apex of the castle wall, BaronMan grabs PrincessGirl and takes her down into the courtyard! Back down you go!



After escaping inside the castle, PauperBoy tracks down BaronMan to a ‘Pie Factory’. BEWARE! Pies are hot and dangerous for your health! (Oddly, not for BaronMan though)


STAGE 4: The throne room

The final showdown. BaronMan has tied PrincessGirl to the chandelier! He now sits atop his throne, pouting. Now is your chance! Rescue PrincessGirl!

know your enemy


Knight - He can’t see very far ahead, because he never lifts his veil. Also his armor makes it too heavy for him to climb. Basically he just walks back and forth because he has no idea what else to do. Also the length on that sword is silly.


Molten Lava - After being tossed out of the vat that it spent it’s entire life in. This baby molten lava has decided to wreak havoc on anyone and everyone that crosses it’s path.

Archer - Behold, the fearless archer, who refuses to move from his hiding spots and face you like baby molten lava would. These archers all flunked out of archery school, and as such, seem to only know how to fire arrows at specific angles

Archer 2.0 (Now with Cannon!) - After realizing how ineffective his archers were at firing arrows, he decided to upgrade their specs and give them a standard issue cannon. Good thing these guys can only do one thing at a time.


Birday - No one knows exactly where Birday came from or why he hangs out in the courtyard all day, but what they do know is, if you look at him sideways (literally), he’ll come right at you. But then he’ll flap too hard and go too high, or flap too little and go too low. Silly Birday.

The Butcher - The Baron’s personal chef works in a ‘pie factory’, making deadly chicken pot pie’s. Baron sometimes stops by to taste the goods. (Pictured: Step 1 of chicken pot pie, the chicken)


Fry Guy - Last Year, BaronMan was given a present for his birthday, a magic chandelier that spews flames everywhere and the flames become animated and haunt the halls of his throne room. Not so much a present as it was a deathtrap. Great for keeping would-be PauperBoys at bay however.

the arcade