Join Payter, Aegon, Roy, and Failston on their whacky "Ghostbusters" inspired adventure through a dungeon full of ghosts, goblins, and traps.

Dungeon Crawlers is a game designed to explore the fun and funny concept of what "Ghostbusters" might've looked like if it were set in a dungeon.  It's a turn-based strategy game that is easily accessible.  Don't expect to dive too deep into statistics and weapons types here.  The interface is highly streamlined.  This game is all about launching and playing, but still being demanding and challenging to even the most seasoned of turn-based vets.


Dungeon Crawlers is a turn-based tactics fantasy RPG.  Try saying that in one breath.  But what does all that mumbo-jumbo mean?  Basically what we're saying here is that the game is like a digital board-game.  It's chess on steroids.  If you've ever played classic fantasy board games like "Hero Quest" you'll be right at home here.

Because we wanted a streamlined interface, we took some interesting departures from normal RPG's.  They include:

  • Free Move Mode / Combat Mode.  When not in combat, the characters compress into 1 character.  You are free to move about the cabin until you get into combat.  When you are in combat mode, everything then becomes turn-based, with the need to move, attack, and end your turn.
  • Auto Heal, No Mana. How do you keep a turn-based game moving along at a quick pace? Get rid of the 'bookkeeping'.  In Dungeon Crawlers you never worry about how much mana your healer or wizard have.  They get one attack every turn.  After combat is over, the party auto-rests and restores their health.  No need to camp.
  • Cinematic Cutscenes.  If you've ever played Final Fantasy Tactics (a game we love), you'd know that the dialogue is endless, and the characters just stand there as the camera quickly pans back and forth.  It gets the point across, but we really wanted to strive for comedy and nuance.  So we took the extra effort to bring you the closest thing to movie-like cutscenes that we could deliver.  For the HD PC version, we're even re-rigging everything to make sure the characters can move their eyebrows, lips, fingers, etc.
  • Streamlined Inventory.  Look, you may love managing weight, sacks, potions, a multitude of items, then running back into town and selling your loot, but realistically, that is a chore.  We didn't want to inflate gameplay time.  Instead, if you find a weapon? Keep it.  Don't worry about selling it, you won't need to.  The game is balanced.  You will either find the weapon you need as you progress, or earn the money to buy it before the next level.  Want some gold to get the ludicrously overpriced mega-weapons? Go to the Arena and grind it out.  We got you covered.

the cast

Payter Profile.png


Payter is the defacto leader of the group, and he's in it for the money (and the women!).  Because of his act first think never philosophy, In strategy terms, he's a tank.  He doesn't deal a lot of damage, but he sure can take a lot.  Like any brute, if you're gonna dish it, you gotta be able to take it, and that's why he's equipped with a taunt that allows him to attract enemies to attack him instead of his teammates.  Payter becomes much more powerful in the late stages of the game, when he learns "War Stomp", a powerful single-tile PB-AoE that deals damage and stuns enemies.


Roy is the hungry healer.  He's in it for the food.  In strategy terms he's a Cleric.  He can't even attack when the game first starts, but because of his pure heart, his prayers are always answered (he has 100% chance of succeeding on every attack/heal).  Like Payter, he doesn't do much when the game starts, but is absolutely crucial to the core dynamic.  Potions are always sparse in the Dungeon Crawlers universe, and without a healer, who you gonna call?  As the game goes on, he learns incredibly powerful spells, like the ability to shield his teammates and mass heal.

Aegon Profile.png


Aegon is the brains of the group.  He's the introspective alechmist.  Though in classic RPG terms he'd be a wizard, he actually uses science and potions to create the 'spells' that fire from his staff.  He's the most powerful character in the game. Though his later spells don't do as much initial upfront damage as his Magic Missile tends to do, they usually have a wider area of effect, creating lots of splash damage and other lasting effects, like fire/ice/poison or stun.


Fun Fact! Did you know that Eddie Murphy was the original Failston? But due to schedule conflicts, and the fact that we never actually asked him or paid him to be in the game, we had to settle for this guy instead?  Failston is the drunk dwarf of the group.  He carries with him typical dwarf tropes: He drinks, he can detect and disarm traps, and did I mention he's drunk?  Because of that, his hit chance is always a little lower than everyone else, but when he lands, he does almost accidentally too high damage.

Dr. Jonas phooey (The dungeon keeper)

Not much is known about Dr. Phooey.  What is known is that he seems harmless enough and that he's brought the crew to the dungeon with the best of intentions.  He's got a dungeon full of monsters and someone's gotta clean 'em out of there.  Aegon believes there's more to the keeper than it seems.  Time will tell.

The dungeon bum

Good News: if you're lucky and don't meet him, you'll spare yourself a massive headache.
Bad News: you aren't that lucky